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Look at the Ingredients

Hello, it has been a long while since my last Blog. Life gets like that Hey?

Lots of changes over the last few years, lots of travel, lots of teaching.

The advantages to this is I have met a lot of wonderful Dog Folk and made some new friends along the way. I feel a lot more connected now to the Dog Industry after being Isolated here for so many years and am spending time with people that I lost touch with over the years.

The disadvantages to all this travel though is that my own business has suffered from neglect and my long suffering clients have had to be very flexible with Class times and Consult availability. Thank you for your patience!

I have cut back on my travels this year and found a bit more life balance. This has given me the opportunity to have some tinkering time in the kitchen developing recipes and learning the wonderful world of the dehydrator.

My own dogs have put their paws up to be the R & D team and have been thoroughly testing each and every batch that have come out of the dehydrator. The 3 second rule is not required in the She Shed as most times a dropped piece of food does not even reach the floor before being snatched out of the air.

There have been some tragic incidences within the Pet food industry over the last few years and many issues have finally come to light. Megaesophagus, paralysis, kidney failure, liver failure, plastics contamination, high levels of mercury, cancers, food recalls a plenty.

This led me to examine what actually goes into those dog training treats that come off the shelves. What effect do they have on my dogs health? Behaviour? My clients dogs health?

Am I poisoning dogs by the use of the overly processed products? Where are these foods coming from now? Australian owned? Offshore? What are the regulations that should be protecting our pets from product content?

My journey from there led along the path of sustainably and locally sourced meat that could then be dried into a training treat that was pure protein, no chemicals and very high value to the dog being trained. A lot of the clients dogs I see are very well fed so any extra training food needs to be of a high value. Not many owners will remove a dogs daily intake and use it for training instead of giving it away for free.

I try to live along the Permaculture principles of minimum waste, ecologically friendly, minimise food miles etc. So I combined these principles with my Chef experience and came up with a range of products to fit many training requirements.

So the Brownie range was born. Still in it's early stages of development and just starting out in sales, I hope this range of products helps you all in your training journey and brings back safe, nutritious, high value rewards for your dogs.

Yes this whole range has been tested on animals (the jerky has also been 'tested' by many handlers also) and I hope that these products bring as much satisfaction to your dogs as they do mine.

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