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Focus follow up

This is a good follow on from the last blog - Focus. Building that drive in the dog to WANT to please you, NEED to be by your side and not just compelled to do so through correction. We are not training robots, they are living, loving, thinking, reactive souls who have their own agenda in life. AND why the hell not???? We 'own' a dog technically speaking from a human perspective and we are responsible for their care and for their actions. In reality we 'live with' dogs and form a bond that crosses boundaries on both sides of the species. Living with and working with a dog is a compromise on both sides, we both give up something of ourselves that make us...well 'US'. A dog restrains it's impulses and instead allows us to direct the drives into what we see as appropriate and we give up our ego, our time, clean floors, clean sheets, money, energy etc etc etc. When we combine our efforts and work in accord, then that is a truely beautiful moment. If you work hard together and get that communication happening, the trust, the bond, the love then you will have a relationship that will give you all your effort back a thousand fold. Such a prize is not just given, it is earned.

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