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Anybody here heard of a Film Festival called Tropfest? Brilliant concept that brings together all facets of the film industry and short films are produced with little to no money and favours are called in from all around. Everybody works for nothing, equipment is borrowed and girlfriends cook and feed the crews.

I have done two over the years and this one was for Stephen Curry and his mates and is called Dogswappers. The lady on the left is Kath Dearness of Dearchi kennels, breeder of one of the best lines of Chihuahua I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Kath is a cracker too, an ex taxi driver from around the Melbourne CBD so you can imagine that she is totally unflappable!

Two full days of filming and a lot of laughs later. I never did get to see the whole film, if anybody out there has a copy then send me one!

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