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Graffing Dogs....

Sometimes you get a call to do a quick fill in job, where the previous wrangler has not quite nailed it for whatever reason. We needed a Corgi that would bark on command, hold a position from a distance and match the exact colour of the previous dog used.

Well there are not a lot of Corgi dogs out there especially not well trained ones. we only had a couple of days to get it all together and get down to the Docklands for the reshoot of certain scenes.

Pictures were sent in and sent on,nup, nup, nup, too white not enough gold etc etc.

In the end it came down to "do you want the dog to actually do the scripted moves?"

"Well yes that is why we are reshooting, the last dog would not bark".

Well this is the dog for the job we will just have to adjust his colour!

A shopping expedition at Priceline ater after consulting with numerous hair stylists and we came up with a safe product that would last just long enough to get the job done but not harm the dog in any way or have any lasting effect on the coat. This was a top show dog.

This boy was a champion! Put up with us all fussing over him, graffing him with hair colour and then did the job first take! What a trooper!

Dogs never get the trailer treatment when they are sent to makeup, it is usually the back of a car, the carpark or maybe at the scene itself. It might be hair colour, fake blood, fake injury (we had to make a dog look burnt and crispy for one show) playing dead, faking a limp....Pepper had a star picket artfully arranged so it looked like she had been impaled.

Even after all these years I am still grateful every time an animal gets onboard and does the "yeah no worries, this will be fun!" I do wonder what they think of us sometimes!

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