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Jack Irish

Coming up in Feb!

Look out for the new Jack Irish series produced by the ABC.

Four dogs and a few days filming, lots of action and lots of laughs.

Rocket, Pepper, Dozer and Kelvin (aka batman)

Thanks again to Task9 for the awesome team Rocket and Chris and for our favourite 'bad guy' and decoy Sean. You made the seemingly impossible easy and safe for the dogs and for the actors.

This job really brought home to me yet again that dogs have huge hearts and that a trained dog is an amazing being. Rocket the Mal is a huge personality in such a compact and fierce body. his training is second to none and the passion that he puts behind every command he gets is breathtaking. Timing, accuracy and intensity is flawless, this allows for such a safe dog to work in a film set environment where the humans are not always as switched on as they should be.

My Pepper rose to the challenge again and again, there was nothing that she said No to!

She constantly amazed me with her athletic skills to the point I have had to rethink my fencing here! Her enthusiasm sometimes is over the top but her heart is pure gold. Look out for the happiest cadaver dog that you will ever see.

Kelvin was cast as the farm dog and Chris did a brilliant job of crash training him to speak on command as he was a last minute inclusion in the script. Great dog!

Dozer (white dog) was originally supposed to be the baddy but he is such a big sweet doofas that was never going to happen.

Thanks to a safety guy who really went above and beyond and an Art Dept that took care of every little detail to ensure that we and our dogs were safe. Always a pleasure working for the ABC, such a great crew and the cast were fantastic. Everybody treated the dogs with respect and listened to the safety advice so we avoided any incidents during the bite scenes.

I really hope that the dog scenes stay in and don't get edited out, there should be some crackers in there!


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