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Trouble again!

Found it! Trouble again. She earned her keep that girl. This was a TVC that we did in West Melbourne on a horribly hot sunday afternoon for Tattersalls.

Juzzy, her co worker in the open top car did an amzing job with keeping her as cool as possible while we did take after take up and down that tramline.

Trouble was clipped in, there was a bowl of water on the floor for her and Juzzy kept giving her the shade umbrella when we were in between takes.

I was strapped to the back of a Low Loader travelling behind the car with camera's, grips and various production folk all crammed in. I was leaning over the side and trying to keep a visual between me and Trouble so that i could direct her moves.

Ok. Picture this. Busy Melbourne street that was being shut down for 8 minutes at a time so that we could do a run through of the sequence. Car, low loader, tram etc all co ordinated.

Director calling out instructions and there is me....."kisses...kisses" "Look! Look!" "Up! Up! Look! "Enough!" "Leave"......Heads were swivelling off necks from passers by at the mad woman yelling out at a dog in the car. You need the skin of a Rhino to do this work.


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