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Bastard Boys

The Bastard Boys is an ABC Production that was based on the events that happened down at the Docks when the workers went on strike and security had to be brought in.

The script came to me with the request of 'security type' dogs as well as a multitude of others for the final days shooting. There is only one company I will use for dogs like this so I made a call to the man in question to ask if he still did static security with Guards and dogs. He did.

"Why's that?" was the question. Well I have this script here....

Turns out (and I was not that surprised) that this same gentleman and his company actually supplied the dogs and guards during the actual event!

How authentic is that then???

So for the Security dog scenes I contracted his guards and dogs through his company. For any of the action scenes then i was on set to make sure that liberties were not taken and that safety was a priority at all times. These are real time dogs, they do not understand that they are 'acting'. If they are agitated and a bite presented then they will take that bite.

There were a couple of close calls when an actor took liberties and over did it a bit but I am pretty sure he was more worried about my bite after getting an absolute earful than he was of just missing out on bleeding from the dog. I take safety very seriously.

A very good friend voluteered for some of the filming as the budget did not stretch far enough (ABC) and he pulled his stunning Rotty out of retirement to work the gig. That old boy got his mojo back and had a ball being the man again! Thanks again Cookie it was great working with you again xxxx

The final days filming saw an amazing turnup at the docks that day. Due to Dock security we all had to be bussed in from outside parking...and what bus loads we had that day! Every person who had a dog, could beg borrow or theive a dog came to work with one. We had deerhounds, mitsus, boxers, name it we had it! I turned up with five dogs. Have you ever tried to board a mini bus with a 60kg hairy bear of an Akita and four staffords??? Along with all the gear you needed for the day?? It was a puppy party! Not one fight (except for some cranky dock people) and the final scene of every dock worker in lock out with a dog to piss take the fact that the security guards had dogs. A great Aussie production with some familiar faces in it, track it down and have a watch.


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