New Stock of Venison Jerky available for posting or pickup now!

Pure Protein =  High Value to your dog. 

High Value then = High levels of motivation for your training application.

Long shelf life and easy to handle. 

Just crack it into little pieces for your treat pouch.

Does not go stinky or slimy like wet products do so you can keep your hands clean for the lead.

Disclaimer: Accidental tests have shown that it can even go through the wash/dryer in your pocket and the dogs still love it! 

Venison Jerky 100grams

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weight: 100 grams
  • Low food km's, processed locally from wild caught Sambar population. Environmentally friendly solution to the Wild Deer issue here in the North East of Victoria. Dehydrated on site and tested by my R & D team each batch. So many treats available off the shelf are low nutrition and have dubious ingredients that can create behavioural and health issues for your dog. Stay safe, stay with pure ingredients.