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January 31, 2016

 The Bastard Boys is an ABC Production that was based on the events that happened down at the Docks when the workers went on strike and security had to be brought in. 

The script came to me with the request of 'security type' dogs as well as a multitude of others f...

January 29, 2016


One of the best parts of Animal Wrangling is the fantastic personalities you get to meet and train with. I am talking the animals here but some of the humans have been a lot of fun too!

The script came in that Blue Heelers needed a Milk Goat Breed, it was the pet of an...

January 28, 2016

This is the Poo man, an amazing Rotty with a cracker of an owner "Whitey".

Sadly the Pooman has gone now but damn we all had some fun working together! 


Secret Life of Us, Kath n Kim, Mentone Club....and so many more. His progeny are just as grand as the old man, Dharm...

January 25, 2016





Found it! Trouble again. She earned her keep that girl. This was a TVC that we did in West Melbourne on a horribly hot sunday afternoon for Tattersalls.

Juzzy, her co worker in the open top car did an amzing job with keepin...

January 25, 2016



Trouble was my first staffy and wow what a lot of dog! Huge energy, mad drive for the chase.

She taught me so much about building a great reward system for a dog and breaking away from the old school methods of compulsion bei...

January 25, 2016