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What can we provide for you?


Private Consults and Behavioural Modification:


Our aim is to provide customised training to suit your requirements.

Every Dog and their family have different lifestyles and needs so there is not just a single training method that will apply to everybody. There are so many pathways when you are working with a dog and teaching new skills.

Our initial consult will isolate the top issues that you are currently having with your dog and assess the temperament and current level of training in both the dogs and the handlers.

We then gain understanding of your wants and needs through an interview and build up a profile of the main issues and how to approach each task. Most issues stem from gaps in the communications or inconsistency. Along with inadvertent reinforcement, poor leash handling, inappropriate choice of equipment and a general lack of motivation in the dog to actually find the handler relevant. 


We teach you the very basics, the fundamentals of how to communicate clearly with your dog and how to read their signals. The start point is your markers, cues/commands and sounds/words. What is your current 'dictionary'? Are you being consistent?  Are all of the humans in the household being consistent?

Once we have clear communication then from there we build on these skills to the level required to modify any unwanted behaviours. 


We offer advice and training on all forms of training equipment so that you can make an educated choice as to what will work for you and your dog. The choice of tool for the job is very important, 


Our training is based on a balanced format and incorporates Operant learning so that there are clear boundaries set and a very fast learning curve is achieved. We find the dogs most favoured forms of reward and use these as a powerful training tool. We teach you how to reward your dog appropriatley and how to modify a behaviour that is inappropriate.


This method of training strengthens the bond between dog and handler and provides a wonderful way of incorporating your dog into your lifestyle so that they truely become a beneficial part of the family. We aim to create 'Liveable' dogs.




We have small class formats available throughout the North East in central locations:

Beechworth on Monday's, Tarrawingee on Friday's, Bright on Saturday's.

The format is dynamic and fun, everybody having the opportunity to train in their own space and at their own pace.

Small class sizes allow constant interaction with the trainer and plenty of room to move so that you never feel crowded.

We start with the very basics and then build on these week by week until you have a sound understanding of handling and training your dog.


Dog awareness programs:


These are custom designed to suit your school or community group, catering for all ages from primary through to Adult. Education is the key to creating a safe environment for both dogs and humans to interact in sensible ways. These programs aim to build an awareness in dog owners as to what is a safe and appropriate management system for their own dogs. We also cover training, socialisation, imprinting and impulse control for both dogs and children.




We will be running a series of Workshops that are available for Training Clubs, Foster Carers, Rescue Groups etc that cover a varied range of topics. We can customise a workshop to suit what you need. Just give me a call and we can work out a format that will suit your needs. Format can be either all classroom based or can be a more hands on approach and involve the participants dogs as well.

Snake Safe Dog Programs:


At designated times throughout the year we also run Snake aversion programs to Snake Safe your dog. This is done within all compliances required in Victoria. See the article page (

in regards to how we run these.

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